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Jones Ranch Goats raising Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats in Missouri.

My passion for goats began in the spring of 2002.  I was at a Memorial Day party in west Texas at my friends Sonny & Nancy’s house.  As many ranchers in the area, they raised goats.  The baby goats were so cute & I fell in love with them.  I asked Sonny & Nancy if I could buy a baby goat & take it home with me.  “Let us think about it” they said.  The next morning, Sonny said, “I have a baby goat for you, but she is not for sale”.  One of their older does had a set of triplets.  The two males of the set were quite large.  The third baby was a little female.  She was struggling for food, competing against her two brothers.  Sonny & Nancy told me I could have her to bottle raise.

Knowing nothing about goats, I headed back to Houston.  I had no idea how to feed or take care of her, but how hard could it be???  I named her “Angel”.  She slept in the house & I fed her soy milk to begin with.  Can you imagine how that settled with her???  She almost died.  Then I put her on goat milk replacer, but she was still touch and go for quite awhile.  I bottle fed that baby goat until she was a year old!!!  I still have her today.  (I would like to note that I NO LONGER feed baby goats "Goat Milk Replacer".  If I have a bottle baby, I feed them whole vitamin D cows milk from the grocery store.  Goat Milk Replacers are NOT good for baby goats, and can actually kill them).

Later that same year, Sonny & Nancy gave me another baby goat.  I named her Hattie.  Still today, Hattie & Angel are the “herd queens”.  

For several years after that, I ran a goat rescue.  I wanted to keep all goats from slaughter, but of course that is impossible.  I purchased several bucklings & wethered them, so they could have a permanent home.

I discovered Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy goats, and decided to start breeding them.  All of our bucks are registered Nigerian Dwarfs.  We have both Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy does.  We have selected our registered herd carefully.  Our base is mostly Flat Rocks.  I have traveled to Azle, Texas several times to purchase our breeding stock.  I have also purchased stock from Belle Starr Farm, Happy Kids Hollow & RJR Miniatures. 

Our “for sale” goats vary in price.  Prices are based on blood lines, conformation, color & personality.  

We are in an aggressive CAE testing program.  All of our goats are CAE negative.

I hope you enjoy viewing our goats.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Darren & Julie Jones

Boogity Boo
Baby in feeder
Baby Belle
Little Bit

baby Jake 2010 Twister 


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